The best MSP’s know their clients business goals

You might know their management and staff, you might know their IT platform configuration and you might might have a great relationship supporting their current operations leadership.

But do you really know your clients?  Is your relationship as secure as you think? Do your contract renewal anniversaries make you anxious?

The best MSPs know their client’s business goals and align their IT services to those goals.

The most effective QBRs talk BUSINESS goals and how they are delivering to these.

It’s not just us that says that – industry expert Peter Kujawa, from Service Leadership makes it clear, and he has the benchmark data to prove it.  He says “Top-performing firms recognize that customers rely heavily on their IT infrastructure to meet business and risk management goals, making strategic QBRs essential for maximizing customer retention and growth.  Best in class MSP traits emphasize the significance of QBRs in engaging customer C-level executives and fostering lasting relationships.”

You can hear him for yourself on this recent webinar.

To lift your MSP to achieve these traits, you have to listen to your clients. 

Use getKambium to ask the right questions,  make the right recommendations and win more business.