For our recent webinar, I had the pleasure of talking to Cameron Fairfull, Managed Services Lead at Grassroots IT, about why they use getKambium. Here’s his answer:

“With getKambium, we can really dig down into our client’s business, understand where they are and where they are headed, and look at how they’re using technology. We can demonstrate our knowledge and understanding of technology and how we can make it work better for them. It helps us win new business.”

A key benefit of getKambium for Grassroots IT is that they can quickly and easily deliver a consistent report that highlights their clients’ strengths and weaknesses, where there’s room for improvement, and specific action points.

 “The structure of the report makes it easy for our clients to understand exactly what they need to do, where they need to work. It lets you build that level of trust with the client because they know that you understand their business and their systems, where they’re trying to get to. They know we are there to help them, not just to sell something to them.”

Kudos to Cameron, an early adopter, visionary, and member of the getKambium Customer Advisory Board. And a huge thank you to Grassroots IT.

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