Secrets of MSP Success #2 – Talk Business not Tech.

CompTIA’s “IT Industry Outlook 2023” states that that “the days of speeds and feeds tech-talk as the main sales call vernacular to the IT guy are largely over.

Buyers today want a channel provider that has unique knowledge of their business mission, operational needs, and goals.”

Watch this webinar recording to talk business:

Hear from Heather Todd, Innovation Lead from class-leading MSP, Yorb.

She talks about:

  • How Yorb goes about understanding their client businesses as a whole
  • How they leverage that practically
  • How this fundamentally changes their relationship with the client.

Hosted by getKambium’s Andrew Hunt who shows how business-focused Discovery provide the baseline for effective QBRs. And how asking the right questions means the MSP can make recommendations aligned to a clients’ business priorities – and win new business.