The best MSPs know their client’s current top 3 business goals.  

How many do you know?


Fact #1

Your client has a business plan with goals to achieve, risks to mitigate, processes to improve and costs to manage.


Fact #2

 IT will be vital to them achieving their goals.    You can do more than make sure the IT is reliable and secure.  You can help them unlock IT tools to achieve their goals, so their people/business can thrive and succeed.

Fact #3


Your client will be seeking IT help so they can achieve their plans.  Are those opportunities for you, or for another IT partner?  Does your client see you as their IT business partner or as their IT technicians?

It’s your choice.  

All your clients have business goals to achieve, revenue targets to meet and risks to mitigate.IT will be essential, and they need a partner that understands them. 

That means talking about their business.  Most MSPs find it easier to talk “tech” than “business”.   Use getKambium to give your customer engagement team the framework, process and tools to talk business strategy with your clients, and to align your service stack to meet your client’s business needs.

Ask the right questions, then you can make the right recommendations, and win more business!